Tungster is a Lixer Mixel.



This odd-looking member of the Lixers tribe can soar majestically into the sky with those flapping wings - or lick up nasty Nixels with his long tongue. Either way, it’s guaranteed to get a little weird.

Physical Appearance

Tungster is mostly yellow in color. His body and head are one cone-like shape. He has a larger upper jaw that extends outwards with seven teeth pointing downwards, the outer four teeth being larger. He has a rounded section on his head with two spikes, along with two orange cat-like ears. He has two orange wings on the top of his body as well. His arms are short, with a single claw on each that starts out yellow and changes to white at the tips. He has a large and thick red tongue. His legs are short, grey, and bowed. He has tall feet with an orange toe on each.


Tungster can fly high up in the air to lick up Nixels. He can also use his tongue like a vine to travel through the trees.

Memorable Quotes

  • "KRAA KRRAAK KRRAAAAA!" - Tungster, A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig


  • His ears point upward in his artwork while his LEGO model's ears point forward.
  • His tongue appears to be somewhat sticky, similar to a chameleon's tongue.
  • His original concept art showed both of his feet flat on the ground, instead of one leg raised as shown in his official artwork. A version of his artwork with his feet flat on the ground is still used for reference in the production of the series.
  • His 2x2 tongue piece in his LEGO model has a single hole in the middle of it for some reason, similar to Tuth.
  • Some of his teeth is on the sides of his head in his LEGO model, but all his teeth are in the front in his animated form.
  • His lower jaw is black in the cartoon, but more yellow in his LEGO model.
  • He is the only Lixer to have orange pieces in LEGO that aren't transparent, in this case, his wings.
  • He was seen on the Mixels Rush app icon for Series 5, but was later replaced by Dribbal.


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