Torts is a Glorp Corp Mixel.



Despite being the slowest of his tribe, Torts still enjoys running around and goofing off. Often with a huge smile on his face, Torts is a very cheerful Mixel. He makes friends easily and enjoys cute things, and is always jolly and ready to cheer everyone up.

Physical Appearance

Torts is mostly lime green in color. His body also acts as his head and is slightly tube-like in shape. There are darker green stripes on his sides and a green spine on his back. He has two dark green antenna- or pigtail-like protrusions on the top of his head. He has a nose-like beak and eyes on each side. In his mouth are two fangs that point downwards. Attached to his sides are two black sleeve-like objects that hold the slime that is part of his hands. His legs are grey, short, and bowed. His feet are large lime geometric shapes with darker green rectangles on their insides.


Torts can shoot gloopy, green slime from his hands. The goo can stick to the ground, causing a sticky pool that sticks Nixels to the ground.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Aww, Scorpi, you're just the cutest little Mixel!" - Torts, Murp Romp
  • "Yayaay!" - Torts, Murp Romp
  • "Well aren't you the helpful Mixel!" - Torts, Murp Romp
  • "GLURT!!" - Torts, Murp Romp


  • He usually runs around by attaching his gooey hands to the ground and sliding with them. This is because he is the slowest member of the Glorp Corp.
  • In some LEGO shots, Torts' slime appears yellow.
  • He has three fangs in his LEGO model, while in the cartoon, he has two. It is possible that his third fang is covered by his beak.
  • In his bio it states he is very slow, but in Murp Romp, he runs quite quickly.


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