Tentro is a Flexer Mixel.



Tentro is a very strong and smart Mixel. Despite these powerful strengths, he has some very horrible and serious confidence issues. He is a Mixel of few words and emotions, and has a tendency to stick to the sidelines. However, he knows how to have fun, and when he gets into something, he can grow enthusiastically and happy.

Physical Appearance

Tentro has a black rectangular body with a grey base and orange rectangles, an eye, and a short, black mustache-like tentacle on each side. On the top of his head is a tapering orange cone-like shape. He has four orange tentacles at his base with a grey stripe on the base, while in the middle of them consists of four lighter orange suckers on each. His jaw is orange, squarish, and has three teeth that point upwards. His eyelid color switches between dark grey and orange variously.


His leg-tentacles can stretch to long lengths and act like whips to attack very quickly but sadly his lack of confidence weakens that a little.

Memorable Quotes

  • "We'll get there in ti-iiiiime!" - Tentro, Elevator


  • His tentacles are unusually short. Because of this, he uses his legs to flex and stretch instead. However, his tentacles are still usable as arms, as well. The only times he uses them are in Murp Romp and A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig.
  • His head is similar to Magnifo's hat in his LEGO model.
  • He and Teslo sport outdated aerobic gear when the two exercise together.
  • He is able to do an impression of a robot. His pupils seem to turn square-shaped when doing this.
  • Despite his reputation for not being confident, he does not seem to show this trait often and even says to Lunk that they can make it in time for Balk's party in Elevator.


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