Reality is a core trait of the RP Universe.

RP Master: Lil' Freddy Fazbear

Main Character: Onion Bubs

Student: Gogo Dodo

Symbol: Yin-Yang

Associative Color: Purple

Associative Species: Robotic Bears

Trail: Purple Sludge

Pet: Diggey

Rockstar Persona: Big Fredbo


History of the Reality RPers 

LFF, who can forget his contributions to the Tippy series? He made the first line in the fanfic, creating a whole new world. A new dimension... it was then he realized he had reality powers. He also fancied a cartoon named Tiny Toons. He brought Gogo, a character in the cartoon, to life. He then gave Gogo powers.

As for Diggey, LFF won't reveal that information of how he was made yet.

Also, LFF has a laser eye.

Reality RPer Powers

  • Can create pocket dimensions
  • Can bend reality
  • Can create things