Pre Tippy will be a RP where we see what happened before Tippy began.

We all remember how Tippy began.

Frisk is now a teenager. He stumbles upon a butterscotch-cinnamon pie. "I haven't thought about this in years!" he says. Frisk grabs his paperclip, and heads back to the Underground. He follows a path, and ends up to Toriel's warm comfortable house. Toriel immediately recognizes him, and says "My child! You've grown up since the last time I saw you." Frisk responds "Yes! I know you are still single, so here's something you might enjoy." Frisk flicks a paperclip at Toriel. "What is this for?" Toriel questions. Immediately, the paperclip comes to life. The paperclip says "Hi! You are beautiful! My name is Clippy! What is yours?" "My name is Toriel." "That's a very beautiful name. I love you."

But there is an elephant in the room...

What happened throughout Frisk's life? How did he get Clippy? These questions will be answered soon, when Pre-Tippy starts! Take a look inside Frisk's memories!


Occi: I have figured out how we can eat memories without being seen in person, fellow heads/lobes!

Parie: Let me guess, we go inside their brains and eat their memories? We share thoughts.

Tempor: That's all thanks to ???????!

Occi: But we can only be seen if the person is recalling the stored memory we are eating. That Frisk kid has a very juice memory! It's worth 5 memories to eat. But it's very risky... we have to make him distracted!

Tempor: Remember: once we start to eat the memory, we have an hour. If we can't eat it within the hour, we are in BIG trouble...

Cereberus, the Brain Dogs, will be the villain here.