Potato Man is a character from a game called Potato Thriller.


The notorious potato killer that being Potato Man, is a anthropomorphic robotic Potato who is programmed to kill people by deep frying them. He lives in his so called "Secret Hideout" which is basically a giant castle-like building.

Physical Appearance

Potato Man has a irregular shape, just like a potato. He has red shoes, black cat ears, a large nose and mustache.

Memorable Quotes

  • I'm going to deep fry you real crispy! - Potato Man
  • "Break there knee caps!"-Potato Man
  • "Kept me waiting, huh?"-Potato Man
  • "...You gon get deep fried boy."-Potato Man
  • "Knock out, Potato Man wins."-Potato Man
  • " Potato Punch is amazing."-Potato Man
  • "So goodbye to bad Potato..."-Potato Man
  • "You gon be real crispy boy."-Potato Man
  • "Potato Man isn't a real Potato, he's a robot." Qin the bounty hunter
  • "I designed Potato Man to fit in."- Source Nose
  • ""-Potato Man

Non-canon stuff

Potato Man made his first debut in a Tippy RP when he was shown to be attacking Jadence, but failed to do so. He then decided to team up with Maggie and Shrek to kill Clippy, Toriel, Jadenece, Aps17, Mixing, LFF, Bendy, Grox, and Rocky. It was up to Mixing and Bendy to defeat them once in for all, first they took out Maggie, befriended Shrek and finally got to Potato man's room. Potato Man actually had everyone ready to be deep fried and it was up to Mixing/Bendy to save them from their doom. BIA was able to defeat the twisted Poato and was vanished with Maggie into someplace where they couldn't escape. (But they did, somehow) After that incident occurred, Potato Man made a deal with Mixing and Aps17 that he would be friends with them and would fight for them, instead of going against them. He then made in a few minor appearances after that.


  • Potato Man is from the game "Potato Thriller" which you can find on stewm for a cheap price.
  • He's actually a robot created by Source Nose
  • He owns a castle
  • At the end of the game, he malfunctions and falls into a pit of deep frying oil.