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Boggles Birthday Gift

▪You're at Boggles birthday party, as this is 13th birthday. Boggle has always had a birthday party ever since the day he was born, and this the first time you've been invited!

Boggle is playing pin the eyes on the vegetable, which is actually a lot of fun!

“Oh! So close!” said Boggle

“You know what time it is? IT'S PRESENT TIME!” Said Rare Boggle

“Everyone, gather around!”

Everyone at the party gets around a large table.

Boggle smiles with joy.

“First few presents are from Toriel, Clippy and Jadence!” Rare Boggle announced.

Boggle opens their gifts.

“Did you like our gifts?” said Toriel.

“I don't like it...I LOVE IT!” Boggle shouted.

Toriel, Clippy and Jadence seemed happy that Boggle enjoyed their presents.

Freddie passes down his gift.

“Open it, it's something special.” Freddie said.

“What's this odd machine?” Boggle said.

“Press the button, you'll see.”

Boggle pressed the button, he turned into very rare Boggle!

“Woah! Now this is what I call a upgrade!” Boggle said with joy.

Freddie smiles.

After more presents from other people, it your turn to give him a gift.

“So [Your name], what did ya get me? Boggle questioned.

You give Boggle his present, he begins to open it.

“*Gasp* It's what I've always wanted!” Boggle said.

It was Windows XP Laptop, VHS converter and Gameboy Advance.

“How did you know I was so interested in old technology?” Boggle questioned.

Let's just I've been watching you, you looked at Rare Boggle.

“Thanks for all the presents! I love each and every single one of them!” Boggle announced.

(Few hours after the party)

Boggle is seen messing around with his Windows XP.

“Thank you [name], I've always wanted to revisit the old days, when nothing really mattered…” Boggle said to himself.


The Dark Crystal/Labyrinth

  • I headcanon that before the Crystal broke and the Skeksis attacked the Gelflings, some Gelfings had children with a group of mysterious fairy-like creatures (I can't come up with a name for them so bear with me). The offspring could be described as and split into 3 groups: The small, mischievous Fairies, the horrid, ugly Goblins, and the beautiful, humanoid Faes (I know that Faes and Fairies are technicalily the same thing, but I'll explain later). The Faes were capable of altering time and space, changing their appearance, and were overall the most powerful of the Offspring, that is, if they become experienced enough. However, not long after The Crystal broke, the Offspring disappeared. The Fairies, Goblins and Faes were all transported to a strange land, on a different planet, in what was like an alternate dimension. Confused, The Offspring scrambled throughout the Strange Land, trying to find out where they are. The Offspring found that they weren't only creatures in the Strange Land. Some other creatures from Thra somehow came to the Strange Land. Eventually, the Offspring and the Creatures forgot where they came from and what they were trying to achieve. The creatures grew and developed into the Dwarfs, the Fire Tribe (Which would later shrink into the Fire Gang), and several anthropomorphic animals. Everything was peaceful, until the Faes, using their magical abilities, took almost complete control over the Strange Land. The Faes, who were split into several clans, were now basically the dominant species in the Strange Land. As the Fae clans ruled, a clan (which I'll call the Labyrinth Clan for obvious reasons), led by Ashburne the Great, a Fae rumored to have legendary traits, attacked the Goblin City, which was, of course, home to the Goblins, the ugly ones of the Offspring. The Labyrinth Clan later became the Goblin Kingdom once the Labyrinth Clan gained enough territory, named after the Offspring that mostly inhabited it. The Goblin Kingdom grew into the largest Fae-ruled kingdom in the Strange Land. The Prince of the Goblins, Jareth, learned to alter Time and Space from his father, the Goblin King. Once Jareth became King, he slowly started to feel bored and empty. During his rule, he fell for Mizumi, Queen of Moraine, but then ditched her because he felt she didn't actually love him (She did, and that actually happened in the manga, Return to Labyrinth). Jareth built a Labyrinth surrounding the castle after, so nobody could get to his heart (That happened in Return to Labyrinth as well). Jareth then, in the 70's - 80's, fell for a girl named Sarah and then kidnaps her brother because go watch Labyrinth right now please. - Mixingitall

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