Lunk is a Frosticon Mixel.



Thanks to his cold body temperature, Lunk is very slow, both physically and mentally. Despite having big personality, he acts and reacts a bit late in some situations. However, despite his flaws, he has a never-give-up attitude that helps him in the, in his case a very, long run.

Physical Appearance

Lunk is mostly blue in color. His head is somewhat of a quarter-circle shape. A slightly sleepy-looking eye is on each side of it. There is a grey stripe in the middle of it, with a lighter blue skull cap. He has noticeable nostrils that often have icicles coming out of them. He has two large and misshapen bucked teeth that point downwards. He has a long grey neck with four spines on them: the two interior ones are aqua, the exterior ones are light blue. His body is short and slightly iron-shaped with a lighter blue chunk on the front of it. His arms are short and slightly widen at the ends to pincer hands. His legs are grey and also short, with long black feet with two aqua toes on each.


His nose can sneeze icicles, so he can freeze Mixels or other species with them. His tears are frozen whenever crying, which is used as a power in Calling All Mixels. He also has an ice exoskeleton that is very durable.

Memorable Quotes

  • "To Balk: Stay cool on your birthday! From Lunk. Heheheheh..." - Lunk, Elevator
  • "Duh-huh-huh-huh…duh…duh…duh…duh…" - Lunk, Epic Comedy Adventure


  • Lunk uses two pieces to represent frozen snot coming out of his nose, due to his allergies. His allergies have not been brought up in the show, but is used as an ability in Calling All Mixels.
  • He has the longest neck among the Mixels.
  • He has two toes on each foot in the cartoon, but only one toe on each foot in his LEGO set.
  • Lunk does almost everything slow, such as speaking and walking twice as slow as normal. This makes him the slowest Mixel in the show. However, he can blink, change facial expressions, and Mix normally.
  • Strawberries seem to be a food he enjoys a lot. They might even be his favorite food.
  • He has been seen hanging out with the Flexers the most. He has yet to appear alongside Kraw, however.


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