Kuffs is MCPD Mixel.



Make a record number of arrests with this Mixel’s long arm of the law! Mixopolis is a tough town and Kuffs is just the character to serve and protect it. This super-enthusiastic officer is the top cop in the MCPD tribe, but beware—sometimes Kuffs is too keen and arrests everyone and everything for no good reason!

Physical Appearance

Kuffs has a long, horizontal body that also acts as his head. On his two eyes are two police hats that also act as eyebrows. He has two flat, buck teeth on his upper jaw and five sharp teeth on his lower jaw. He has a big blue left arm with three white fingers connected from a black hand. On the middle of his left arm is a grey accent. His right arm is blue with a grey accent and it has a small white pincer hand holding a pair of handcuffs. Both of his feet are blue with a single white grill toe, whereas his feet have red and blue highlights housed at the top of each feet. He has a white dome helmet on his head with sunglasses resting below them.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Okay, let's go find the monsters." - Kuffs, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "Looks like we'll need more firepower!" - Kuffs, Every Knight Has Its Day
  • "It could be coming down any minute!" - Kuffs, Nixel, Nixel, Go Away


  • He is the leader, or chief, of his branch of the MCPD.
  • He is the only MCPD Mixel in his LEGO model to not include an additional entity (e.g. Nixel or cookironi).
  • He is a passionate spare-time gamer.
  • Similar to Mesmo, the hats on his eyes can turn down for various emotions.
  • He is the only MCPD Mixel in LEGO form not to use tooth pieces for toes.


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