Jawg is a Fang Gang Mixel.



Jawg is the epitome of a watchdog: loving to his friends, a menace to anyone who endangers them. Despite not having a heavy vocabulary, usually saying a few words at a time as well as panting, barking, and laughing, Jawg is still a smart, if not animalistic Mixel. However, he does anger pretty easily, and is not above getting revenge when he feels wronged.

Physical Appearance

Jawg is mostly brown in color. He has prominent lips filled with long fangs. Two eyes rest on top of his head near a rectangular shape. His tongue is prominent and red. He has a rounded rectangular body with a darker brown section on top and rectangular shape on the sides. He has four grey legs with dark brown feet. A long dark grey tail with a brown tip is on his rear.


Jawg has large indestructible teeth that let him give a powerful bite. His tail can also be swung around like a whip.

Memorable Quotes

  • "FIVE! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!" - Jawg, Fang Gang Log Toss


  • He is the leader of the Fang Gang.
  • He loves hamlogna sandwiches, similar to Zaptor.
  • From the way his mouth is structured, Jawg should technically be unable to close his mouth. When he does, his bottom row of teeth seems to disappear to rectify this fact.
  • Usually, it only takes him a few seconds to eat a large amount of food. This means that he eats the fastest out of all the Mixels.
  • One of the preliminary character designs of the Monsters almost entirely resembles Jawg.


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