High Five
High Five Title
Season 1
Episode Number 19
Production Code 501-296-03E
Original Airdate June 19, 2014
Running time 0:34
Episode Guide
Fang Gang Log Toss

High Five is the nineteenth episode in the first season of Mixels. It first aired on June 19, 2014.


Mixels mix to give Chomley more and more fun high fives, until they mix into a murp…

Episode Summary

Slumbo and Kraw mix to give Chomly more and more fun high fives, until they murp and end up crushing him.


Major Characters


  • Slumbo & Kraw Mix


  • Slumbo & Kraw Murp


  • This is the shortest episode thus far, at only thirty seconds long like most television commercials, while the longest so far is A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig.
  • Chomly is drooling for the entirety of this episode.
    • This episode also shows Chomly pulling objects out of his mouth.
  • When Chomly wanted Kraw and Slumbo to mix, Kraw happily touched the cubit, but Slumbo slowly did it with a rude-like hand motion and a face that looked like he had an attitude. This might mean that he dislikes Chomly, which may have been from the events of Fang Gang Log Toss, or, like usual, he was sleepy.
  • Kraw appears in this episode, but he doesn't speak.
    • Slumbo only has one line in this episode.
  • A scene from the short is used as the Check It 4.0. "Next" bumper for Mixels on Cartoon Network, starting with A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig airings.


  • This is the fourth appearance of a Murp. ("Murp", "Snow Half Pipe", "Fang Gang Log Toss")
    • It is the first appearance of a Murp that does not involve Flain.
  • This is the second appearance of Chomly. ("Fang Gang Log Toss")


  • When Chomly is talking while kneeling behind the log, his jaw clips through the log, with the drool passing further through.
  • In Kraw's last two shots, he is angled far too much to the right.
  • When Kraw is trying to catch the cubit, part of his jaw disappears.
  • At random times during the episode, Chomly's drool stops moving.
  • While behind the log, Chomly's claws are blunt instead of pointed.
  • Chomly's gold tooth is in the wrong spot.