Glurt is a Glorp Corp Mixel.



Glurt is a very affectionate dog-like Mixel. He is eager to greet his friends, but sometimes a bit too eager. He loves to play fetch and is almost always panting in excitement. While he is a Mixel of few words, his emotions speak for him. His tail is like a giant spring that can bounce around with even more energy.

Physical Appearance

Glurt has a lime face that points towards a black nose with a green base. He has an eye on each side of his head and two small black cat-like ears. He has two fangs that point downward in his upper jaw and two closer-spaced fangs that point upward in his lower jaw. He has a black tongue and is nearly always drooling slime from it. His body is a dark green rectangular shape with a black top and black rectangular design at the edge. He has four grey legs with dark green feet. At his rear is a black rectangle that houses a vine tail.


He can eat nearly anything with a garbage compacting mouth. He can also form goo bubbles that he can encase himself in. Also, his tail can act as a pogo stick or a motorboat motor when needed. His mouth is also incredibly slobbery.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Howdy, howdy, howdy!" - Glurt, Murp Romp


  • He is the only 2014 Glorp Corp that has been referred to by name in the cartoon so far.
  • In various media, his name is often used for Torts and vice versa.
  • He produces the least amount of slime of the original Glorp Corp.
  • As seen in his character video in Calling All Mixels, he can use his tail as a pogo stick. He can also spiral it like a motorboat's motor for a quick getaway in the swamp. As such, his tail is extremely flexible and sturdy.


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