Footi is a Spikel Mixel.



Footi is a very heartfelt Mixel. With a love for ballet dancing and slightly in touch with his feminine side, Footi listens to his heart and encourages other Mixels to do so, too. Every Mixel, in his own words, is a friend. He is full of energy, preferring to skip and dance whenever he moves. He loves dancing so much that he has managed to incorporate it in his fighting style against Nixels.

Physical Appearance

Footi is mostly tan in color. He has a rectangular body that also acts as his head. He has eyes on each side of it. He has a long and well-defined jaw with black lining. He has large teeth, two on each side. A darker tan stripe runs on the top of his head, along with two silver Mohawk blades. A thick black stripe runs around his body. His arms are black and thin, with a tan section at the top. His hands are black and pincer-like. His legs are very long and bowed. At the top, they are grey, but they turn dark tan at the knees. He has three dark tan spikes on his legs. His feet are extremely large. The bottoms are tan, while the tops are divided dark tan and black. He has three silver bladed toenails on each of his feet.


His feet have very sharp knife-like toenails that pierce easily.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Yep, he's super cute and super skittish." - Footi, Murp Romp
  • "Hoogi, it’ll be fine. As long as we listen to our hearts. Yes, we must listen to our ever-loving hearts! And my heart says: to save our friends, we must mix ‘em to get ‘em." - Footi, Murp Romp
  • "Lovely work, friends! You chased the murp into the Wiztastics' show! He's trapped!" - Footi, Murp Romp
  • "Yay! You guys caught our Murp!" - Footi, Murp Romp


  • He is extremely often mistaken as the leader of the Spikels because of being seen on the color wheel on This is the same thing for Gobba, also.
  • His mouth is almost always in a permanent smile, as he rarely frowns.


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