Flurr is a Frosticon Mixel.



Unlike his other Frosticon brethren, Flurr is energetic, quick, and awake. While not the most expressive of Mixels, Flurr is still fairly cheerful. He has a natural curiosity streak that helps him spot Nixels from a distance, with the drawback that he often misses the obvious in front of him.

Physical Appearance

Flurr is mostly light blue in color. His face is dark blue with a light blue stripe towards the center. An eye rests on each side of it. His nostrils are light blue and very prominent. When he opens his mouth, he has two wide-space bucked teeth that point downwards. He has a light grey neck that connects to a football-shaped body that is light blue on the back and dark blue on his belly. On his back are two bat-like wings. He has short but bowed grey legs with black feet with two white claws on each. At his rear is a long grey tail with a light blue tip and two light blue spikes on it. His eyelids are dark blue.


Flurr is able to fly by using his wings. Not having arms, he must apply all he knows to adapt to certain situations. Flurr also has ice breath, which he can blow to create icy structures, or just freeze enemies. Like his brother Lunk, when he cries, his tears also freeze, but this may come at a disadvantage, as he can end up frozen from his own tears.

Memorable Quotes

  • It's the bomb! - Flurr, Snow Half Pipe
  • "Okay, this bad. All cubits were destroyed at the festival. Does anyone have a cubit on them?" - Flurr, Epic Comedy Adventure
  • "Hey, hey!" - Flurr, Cartoon Network website and Calling All Mixels


  • He is the leader of both the 2014 and 2015 Frosticons. This is due to him being the most awake and active of the tribe.
  • He has a very similar model to Slusho's.
  • He was the first Series 2 Mixel to appear in the series, with the debut appearance of Gobba taking place in the next scene.
  • In Calling All Mixels, he, Mesmo, and Zorch are the only Mixels to have two Mixes.
  • There is a glitch on where you will hear Flurr say "Hey hey!" if you click on Slumbo or Lunk to see their descriptions.
  • He has two spikes on his tail in the cartoon, but not in his LEGO model.


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