Balk is a Flexer Mixel.



Balk is the anomaly to the Flexers' intellectual nature. While it is true that he still is pretty smart, he is also very scatterbrained thanks to his abilities not translating to the inside of his head and has a tendency to space out at times probably due to bashing his head a lot. He is the most immature of his tribe, preferring to play rather than show off his smarts.

Physical Appearance

Balk is mostly orange in color. He has a very squat body with a tall and well-defined jaw. His eyes are on triangular-like stalks that stick out on the sides of his head. They have a black stripe near the base, which also houses four tentacles; two small ones and two longer ones. His upper jaw has three teeth that point downwards, while his lower one has two spaced-out buck teeth that point upwards. He has three bowing orange legs with a grey line at their base. He has angular orange feet with black toes. The back of his head between the connectors of his jaws are black.


His head is like a mallet, which he can use for a strong headbutt. His eyes also have the ability to inflate when aggressive.

Memorable Quotes

  • "Meeeeeeeeeeeeee." - Balk, Elevator
  • "Hey there, little Mixels! We're gonna play Slingshot!" - Balk, Nixel "Mix Over"


  • He likes to tap dance, as seen in the "Meet Balk" video. He can also be seen tap dancing in Epic Comedy Adventure.
  • He is the least intelligent of the Flexers.
  • In his Upset video in Calling All Mixels, his eyes inflated and eventually popped, revealing his eyes can inflate like balloons and explode and that he has sensitive eyes.
  • He has a tendency to extend "E"-based sounds. (as heard in Elevator when saying "me")
  • He is terrible at telling jokes, as seen in Calling All Mixels.
  • Balk is one of the skinniest Mixels, having a very thin body overall.
  • He is the only Flexer that kept his name from the preliminary sets as his current.
  • He is the only Flexer to have been referred to by name in the cartoon so far.
  • He has a tendency to randomly move his mouth up and down sometimes, almost like a spring.
  • His voice is deeper in various supplementary material, such as the Mixels Websites and Calling All Mixels.


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